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2021 article on Why Zelensky’s Ukraine Is Becoming Increasingly Autocratic

In the Western media (and partly in the Russian opposition press), there is a widespread opinion that, unlike Russia, Ukraine, although not without problems, is following a democratic path of development. If only

12 Israelis arrested in Ukraine for organ trafficking

Twelve people, some of them Israeli, were arrested in the Ukraine on suspicion that they were selling human organs, Army Radio reported on Friday.

A video posted online on Monday and verified by The New York Times appears to show a group of Ukrainian soldiers killing captured Russian troops outside a village west of Kyiv

Families waiting to board trains in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk on Tuesday. Spurred by reports of Russian atrocities outside Ukraine’s capital, and alarmed at signs that Russia’s invasion force is about to escalate assaults in eastern Ukraine, many civilians in that region are fleeing while they can, officials said Wednesday

African Students beaten by Ukrainian army as they try to leave Ukraine

In what has been termed as brazen racism by the army of Ukraine, African students in the country have been beaten and assaulted For a country which is fraught with mayhem and upheaval at the moment as Russia unfurls a barrage of attacks on Ukraine, the Ukrainian Army isn’t winning the world over as well. Over the last couple of days, scores of videos and images have emanated from the country, ones from the border which show Ukraine’s soldiers beating, assaulting and stopping international citizens from escaping the land


If we analyze publicly available declassified documents from the Central Intelligence Agency, we can learn quite a bit about the United States and its role in the historical development of Ukrainian Nationalism.

American biolabs in Ukraine analysed

Briefing on the results of the analysis of documents related to the military biological activities of the United States on the territory of Ukraine (April 14, 2022) A special military operation by Russian troops has yielded additional information on US military and biological activities in Ukraine, confirming numerous violations of the Biological Weapons Convention. Taking advantage of existing gaps in international law and the lack of a clear verification mechanism, the US administration has consistently built up its military-biological capabilities in various regions of the world

Amnesty International report exposes Ukraine’s violations of international law, deliberate use of civilians as human shields

The human rights organization Amnesty International released a report Thursday showing that “Ukrainian forces have put civilians in harm’s way by establishing bases and operating weapons systems in populated residential areas, including in schools and hospitals.” Amnesty International’s findings corroborate an earlier report by the United Nations which also provided evidence that the Ukrainian army has been using civilians as human shields in the conflict

An Answer to US Biolabs and American Secret Military Programs

The unchecked expansion of the US secretive military biolabs network along the Russian borders is a matter of concern not only to Moscow but also to many post-Soviet republics and the international community. To this date, the United States has created an actual spider web of secret biolabs around the world